Showroom Holiprom de produits développé pour nos Licenciés


We provide a customized approach respecting each brand’s identity.

Every club or event deserves a personal approach and is treated as a brand and not as a logo placed on merchandise.

If a programme is to succeed today, we need to make consumers part of the brand experience.

Holiprom has developed unique expertise by offering retailers a 360º service.

Holiprom works with external design consultancies that follow trends and bring novelty and originality to every collection.

We also have an internal stylist meeting our clients’ urgent requests.


  • Identifying trends (shopping, benchmarking, market and competition analysis)
  • Examining and following the Graphic Charter
  • Designing models
  • Presenting the key styles of the collection
  • Submitting and approving the collection with clients


Our team of graphic designers is supervised by an artistic director to ensure that each brand's identity is respected.


Sharing our expertise with our clients since 1996
Holiprom maintains close relationships with its suppliers and clients to guarantee product quality
Julien Bregeron, Style Manager