Nos Valeurs


Holiprom undertakes to provide the prompt, professional services that you need with a commitment to quality, ethics and sustainable development.


Holiprom undertakes to respond to the requests that it receives within 48 hours and to keep to timescales. Your requests are our priority. We have an efficient logistics service in partnership with an integrated service provider, which has large space storage in its warehouses: SODILOG.
Your orders are delivered in less than 72 hours.

Quality programme

For optimal client management, Holiprom controls the entire production process and has its products tested by certified laboratories. Our suppliers are evaluated in line with standard ISO 9001. The controls are carried out based on standard ISO 2859.
Overseeing the manufacturing chains ensures compliance with lead times, product quality and order fulfilment.


Holiprom follows a strict code of conduct for working conditions in the factories with which it works.
The factories are audited by accredited organizations on the certifications SA 8000 and Wrap.
Most of our suppliers are listed in the databases created by European brands and distributors.
ICS: “Initiative Clause Sociale” of French mass-market retailing, BSCI: Business Social Compliance Initiative and ETI/SMETA: Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit
Data from French and European distributors

Health and environmental protection

Holiprom is committed to corporate social responsibility. We aim to reduce the social and environmental impacts of our business activity and to adopt the best possible practices throughout the supply chain.
  • Compliance with European Union regulations (REACH) on the presence of hazardous chemical substances in fabric and material dyes. Tests are conducted by certified laboratories.
  • Guaranteeing that dyes that are harmful for health and the environment are not used anywhere in a clothing line with Oeko-Tex certification
  • Holiprom uses the Eco-emballages service, which organizes the sorting, collection and recycling of packaging in France.

Charity work

Holiprom makes large annual donations to the charity Emmaus France and to sports centres for disadvantaged young people.